Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Time And Distance

Tuesday AM

This morning I rose at 5 am when I heard the first skiff outboard start. The first fisherman out had a pony tail. A lobster-woman.
I dressed and ate breakfast, and cast off the mooring by 6am - high tide and the current in the pool was calm. Yesterday when I moved inside... into Biddeford Pool itself, the current was running in at 2 or 3 knots against a SW wind gusting to 20 or 25 knots. I had to choose between heading upwind or up current, I chose up current and it worked nicely. With the two opposing forces the boat almost hovered around its mooring, with the water racing by in one direction and spray blowing by in another. Once the boat was secure, I had a quick lunch, hailed the launch and went to the ocean beach for a swim. By the time I got back, several hours later, everything was much quieter.

By 8 am this morning Cape Porpoise was astern. I am sailing about three miles off the beach. I started on a broad reach with the engine at low revs, just to push me into the swell remaining from yesterday. I turned engine off about 9 am and am scooting along at 5.5 knots. A 9:45 am Boon Island is a bit more than 3 miles ahead. I know from my trip to Maine I should soon get a signal for my broadband wireless soon.
Today's goal is Rockport, MA, but it all depends on the weather. The sea is choppy from today's waves meeting yesterday's waves. I have the laptop strapped to the table with a pair of sail ties.

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