Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Time and Distance 3

Wednesday Sept 4. 10:30.

After passing Massachusetts Bay buoy BF, I took some pictures of the Boston skyscrapers peeking up over the horizon, a floating ephemeral city island across 20 miles of sea.

It is about 10:30 and the first part of the day is over. These days of making miles break into four or five parts. The first ends at about 10:30 with a snack. Then we start thinking about lunch, and dinner and where we will end up. There are always options. Today I want to at least get close to the end of the canal, if not go through it. The forecast has been for 10-15 with gusts to 20 from the NW. The breeze was good early but petered out (if you will excuse the expression) by 9:30. I am going dead downwind, which excepting going dead upwind, is London's slowest direction. The jib is in now, the main alone out and held in place with a preventer. Otherwise it would flop around in the light air and the following sea which makes the hull roll and corkscrew. Autoleena has made a few violent moves with the tiller this morning, one time through 160 degrees, but she seems to have caught on now.

I have been looking through the food lockers. Emptying them all out to see what's really there. Just had a fruit salad and then found another unopened Cadbury's Fruit and Nut chocolate bar. Must have hidden it from my sister and forgot all about it. Most of the food that is left is in boxes and cans, but I will get through the next two days.

Canal is 34 miles away. At current speed of 4.5 knots will get there in 6.5 ish hours. The current turns in my favor at 5pm which is just about when I should get there -- if everything stays like it is now -- which is unlikely.

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