Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Time and Distance 2

From Biddeford Pool, Maine at dawn (top picture) to Brace Cove in Gloucester (second picture) is about 60 miles. 60/5 knots = 12 hours.

It was a good sailing day. In the brief lulls I used the engine to push me along.

I saw a pair of birds today which were picture perfect adult Northern Gannets, all the others we've seen have been juvenils. In the tide rips off the Isles of Shoals I saw schools of small fish (4-5 inches long), dark on top silver underneath, jumping clear of the water. At other times there would be a tremendous turbulence and splashing on the surface. Judging by the size and violence of the splashes these were made by a large fish feeding on the surface .

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